Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just starting out...

Hi folks! Please be patient with me because I have absolutely NO idea what I'm doing here! My daughter, Katy, says that I'll pick it up quickly and that she'll help me if I need it so I'm going to count on that for encouragement. For now, though, I'm going to put out this initial post and then fly off to meet Katy and my grandkids—Madelyn, Xavier, and Jaxson— downtown to have a slice of pizza at my favorite food vendor at the Laurel Festival. Just to be clear, my favorite food vendors are Jason and Glenda Nimal, who have a shaved ice stand and are long time friends. But, as far as the food itself, sorry Jason and Glenda, Pearl's Pizza beats out the shaved ice! LOL!

Thanks for checking out my blog. There isn't much to view right now but I'll gain momentum in time. For now, I'll wish you great day and keep moving... :-)