Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Sun's Peeking Through

It's been a busy few days. Between holding a yard sale at my house and battling the rain, juggling the county fair and work and home and... Well, you get the idea. Busy! The rain has pretty much interrupted everything, causing the yard sale to be cut short and packed up. Last evening our church was hosting a community mural at the fair, where my daughter Devon and I painted words (Love One Another) onto a 12' x 8' billboard-style set-up that is cut into 2' x 2' squares. Then, all different folks come and are offered a chance to paint a small part of the mural in whatever color scheme they choose. Once the paint dries, the mural is pieced together on a larger framework and displayed. Fortunately, the rain held off at the fair until the mural was completed. I didn't take any photos to show you, though, because Devon and I were busy painting faces at the same time. Dusty and I had our two grandsons with us. We would have had our granddaughter as well but she was truly under the weather. It was Demo Derby night and the kids are crazy about that event. Can anyone say "redneck"? LOL! We watched the derby and were shielded from the rain by the huge roof over the grandstands. It was packed and we were way up in the "peanut gallery"... higher than I'd ever climbed into the grandstands before. I was thankful there were no potty calls, let me tell you!

The most exciting thing about today (because I'm really dragging for some reason) is that my husband has my old Dodge dually pick-up in the shop and had someone come in to take measurements for a wooden bed. Dusty is going to paint the cab, etc., and then they'll install the new bed and woohoo! I'll have a truck to haul my horse trailer around!!! I'm so excited!!! I just wish I had another horse--a gentle one that anyone could ride so that I could haul Coby and the other horse wherever and enjoy riding with a friend or DAUGHTER!!! We'll see what happens. I need to put up a prayer and see if God brings just the right horse and situation to me... or lets me know that "NO" is the answer!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend and are having a wonderful week. I need to get busy on a job I should have completed for proofing so I'm cutting out... Blessings!!!


  1. It has been super busy...hasn't it mom? :) I bet the mural looked great! Didn't anyone get any pics? I would love to see it! I'm so glad the boys had fun..even though Jax was a bit under the weather. :) I know Madelyn was sad she missed it...but was happy when I made her some mickey mouse pancakes for dinner...so all is well! haha!

  2. OHHH...and sometime you will have to come out and I will help you make your blog pretty :)

  3. i am really dragging today too... although i have managed to take the dog for a walk, do dishes and make some Nun Pastries--see my blog for that! I am not looking forward to going to do the contact thing again at walmart... but oh well... see you tomorrow!