Thursday, February 25, 2010

Expo Bound

So, we're here in Harrisburg just waiting for the doors to open for the Horse Expo. It's supposed to start at noon today and we're right next door so we can just walk on over when we're ready.

We've been having so much fun here at the hotel. They probably wish we'd leave. LOL! Actually, though, we just talk with everyone (who will listen, that is!) and it's been enjoyable. It'd be great if we could stay here again next year since we know it's so nice but I don't know if they'll give us such a good price as we've gotten this year. And as expensive as their regular rates are, we'd never want to pay those!

So, I'm just killing time... looking at horse web sites and wishing I had more acreage and money so I could buy more horses. I know... I only have one butt so I can only ride one horse at a time but they're so beautiful. There are so many amazing breeds and they all have their fine points. God surely done good when he created horses!

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