Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Talk about a good time...! We ended up going down to Harrisburg a day early because they were calling for a significant snow storm (which never materialized!). The hotel was wonderful. We had a suite and Margie got it at an amazing price. Little did we know that they put out a picnic dinner buffet as well as a really yummy breakfast buffet. We took advantage of it, believe me!

The Expo itself was a good time and I felt that what I learned through the clinics and demonstrations made it well worthwhile. Add to that the odds and ends I purchased from vendors there and the fun it was browsing through all that stuff and I was pretty satisfied by the whole getaway.

I could go on and on about so many funny things that happened while we were there. I think if we had stayed any longer at the hotel, they would've begun to think we were owners... or at least staff! LOL! We made friends with everyone from staff to other guests. So... they were either really sad to see us leaving or did a happy dance once the doors closed behind us! We're hoping we can stay there again next year - but only if we get another good deal!

We stopped in State College and had supper at Olive Garden. It was good, as usual, but we were sooooo tired! Margie admitted to me later that she was ready to nod off as she was driving. I TOLD her to let me know if she needed me to drive... goofball!

Wish I could take more time and elaborate about all this. We really did have a good time... But, time is the issue and this is about all I can invest this afternoon!

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  1. you should've taken some pics to post so we could see it all!