Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another "Little" on the Way!

I just have to share my joy with everyone. Anyone who knows me knows I am totally absorbed in my grandchildren! I love them to distraction and try to spend as much time as possible with them. I never had that opportunity as a child, my grandparents all living far enough away that all we had were occasional family visits. I think a grandparent can be an amazing part of a child's healthy upbringing and I'm so blessed to be in the position to enjoy them to the degree I do.

That being said, you'll easily understand why my heart is overflowing at the prospect of enjoying that same relationship with a new grandchild! Our younger daughter, Devon, and her husband, Cory, are expecting their first child! Devon just had her initial ultrasound this morning and confirmed her due date to be January 31, 2011. The baby is doing fine, with a heartbeat of 152.

January seems so far away and I certainly don't wish for time to pass any more rapidly than it already seems to! But, I'm eager to snuggle the new "little"... It will be a bright spot during the time when winter seems to drag...

Thank you, Lord, for the blessing of grandchildren!


  1. I am so *very* excited about this wee one entering our family! :) I can't wait! I am so glad the u/s went well! Ach~wish devon would have called me! A sister *needs* to know these sort of things! ;)

  2. Congratulations! My parents helped me to raise my son for much of his childhood after my divorce and his father left his life. Grandparents are invaluable.

  3. I can't beleive I get a new cusin I hope its a girl, if its a boy I will still happy.