Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One of My Dreams Coming True...

YES!! After purchasing a yearling pony 8 years ago, my desire was to involve my grandkid(s) in my love of horses and riding. Well, over the years the three "grands" I have have definitely developed an interest in "my boys" but, besides led pony rides, none of them had actually gone riding with me by themselves.

I decided to try to remedy this by taking Jasper, my pony, to a trainer last fall. He did very well and the kids actually got to ride him while he was in training. I was pumped! Then I got Jasper back home and tried to throw a grandkid up on him and it was a semi-disaster! Jasper was more interested in eating the green grass (which wasn't an option in the dirt training area while he was "in school") and the kids couldn't keep his head up. I was frustrated and disappointed, needless to say. It was pretty much the end of the season and so everything got put on hold until spring broke this year.

God heard my prayers... I ran into a young woman who I felt would be the right person to work with Xavier (who had agreed to take lessons). The trainer, Chelsea, has been amazing! Not only is she a very patient teacher, she's an enjoyable person to be around as well. Xavier has had 4 or 5 lessons to date (one a week) and he's been doing great! He gains confidence with every lesson, which is the best witness to Chelsea's ability.

Xavier and I actually went on a trail ride together, albeit a short one. He got tossed before we left the driveway, but he was brave and climbed back on. He did amazingly well and Jasper listened to X's commands. I'm looking forward to our next opportunity to ride together!

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  1. He is doing so well with riding! I am so proud of him! :)